BBC provides a comprehensive range of facilities solutions, from strategic planning through project completion. We employ architects, engineers, cost analysts, builders, business professionals and numerous experts from our clients' industries so that we may better anticipate, understand and respond to the unique challenges of each project and each relationship.


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  • Preliminary Site Evaluation and Design

    One of the most critical decisions to make when beginning a ground-up construction project is the property. Decisions have to be made based upon price, location, and numerous other factors. One of those factors is construction. Is the property big enough? Are there inherent issues that could raise the cost of construction? What is the zoning for the property? Will the City allow the proposed building to be constructed?


    BBC has the ability to answer all of those questions, as well as providing a no-cost, preliminary site plan and budget proposal. Based upon your ideal design, and taking into account City and State requirements, BBC can provide a site plan that will show you the feasibility of constructing a building on the property you've selected.


    BBC has extensive experience in ground-up construction and will put all of that knowledge and skill to use in helping you to select the property that will meet or exceed your needs.


    When undertaking any construction project, whether new construction or a remodel of an existing facility, making the best use of the available space is of utmost importance. The space has to be designed in order to take into account patient flow, employee workspace and productivity, equipment layout, the effect of equipment on patients, one piece of equipments effect on another, HIPAA regulations, City and State codes, and existing factors that will affect the floor plan.


    BBC will work with the client and the equipment manufacturer to design a space that is as efficient as possible. BBC has wide-ranging experience with both space design and equipment layout. Having this broad knowledge allows BBC to work with the client to make the space meet the "look and feel" the client desires, without sacrificing equipment requirements and over-all functionality.


    BBC takes pride in its unparalleled ability to complete projects both on time and under budget. One of the ways in which BBC accomplishes this, is taking full responsibility for the overall budget of the project. Once a client begins working with BBC, one of the many services that BBC offers is budget estimating and value engineering.


    There is only one word that comes into play when you're talking about a budget: Accuracy. Because financing is the most critical phase of any project, clients demand that the Budget set for construction be both accurate and reasonable. A client has to be able to both validate cost of construction to the lending institution and feel secure that the budget will complete the project without any cost overruns.


    BBC's extensive experience in the construction industry allows its clients to know that from start to finish, BBC can and will complete the project without an endless stream of change orders. Along with providing an accurate Budget for the project, BBC can work with the client to provide Value Engineering. Simply put, value engineering is taking the time to provide options that will lower the overall costs for the project without detracting from or causing problems with the desired feel and strict requirements.


    This is BBC's "Total Solution Package"!


    BBC's Total Solution Package enables us to seamlessly transition from the engineering to the construction phase of each project. Our approach ensures projects are completed on- time and in budget, and mitigates unnecessary customer risk. We have the solid experience with strategic engineering partnerships and the tools, processes and experience to effectively manage all aspects of design, construction, equipment installation, and project turnover.


    Because BBC approaches each project with a successful turnover as our ultimate goal, everyone involved - from the project team to the customer to the architect/engineering - has a clear understanding of the project's scope and objectives.


    BBC clients are assured that their projects are planned and executed in a well-organized, safe, and cost-effective manner consistent with their goals. Whether new construction or renovations, BBC's team understands they must meet the expectations of many different groups within each project and are sensitive to our client's reputation and business operations. More than just "brokers", BBC actively manages construction projects so that they are consistently delivered on time, in budget and with an intensive eye toward quality.

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